Recently, I discovered that there is a new way for me to carry my mat without having to bring all those bulky bags or carriers. Thanks to straps or slings, I can now roll up my mat and not have to worry about it getting loose. The best yoga sling is not that hard to find. Now I don’t have to carry an oversized bag with me every single time I hit my yoga class. These straps or slings are very convenient and lightweight. It is adjustable so I can roll my mat however I want. What’s even cooler about it is that it comes in an array of color and design that can match your mat or your yoga outfit!

What is a Yoga Mat Sling

A yoga mat sling is a strap made of loops that you can fit into your mat when rolled up, so you can conveniently carry it over your shoulder or your chest. It functions as the carrier but it is more lightweight. The yoga mat sling is adjustable; some using a Velcro, while some are just strapped or tied to the ends to keep them from getting loose. It is very trendy and affordable than a mat bag or carrier.

Why You Need Yoga Mat Sling

People have argued about the difference between a sling and a bag. Although they are the same in purpose, they do differ in functionality. While a bag can be convenient since some bags or carriers comes with pockets, it can be bulky to carry around. Putting your rolled mat, it can also loosen it which can cause a bit of inconvenience.

Some people have to strap it in place before sliding it into the bag. This makes it a little complicated now, right? A strap or sling, on the other hand, is just a strap that you can conveniently and tightly strap to your mat to keep it in place and easily carry it over your shoulder.

It takes so little time to do it which makes it even more convenient. This is perhaps the main reason it has become so popular among yogis. You no longer have to spend a lot of money on bags or carriers, a yoga sling is definitely a cheaper investment.

How to Use a Yoga Mat Sling?

When you buy a yoga mat sling, it usually comes in assembled and ready to use. However, some yoga slings are just strapping and you have to assemble it yourself. It is quite easy to do; all you have to do is create a loop on both ends so you can easily slip it through you rolled mat and tighten to secure each end. The remaining straps in the middle become the shoulder strap that you can conveniently carry over your shoulder or across your chest.

How to Clean Yoga Slings

Using your straps or slings will eventually soil it. Not to mention the perspiration it absorbs from your body that stinks it over time. You will have to regularly clean and wash your straps to keep them looking clean and smelling fresh. This will also prevent you from getting rashes or skin irritation from contact with the shoulder strap. Cleaning it is actually quite easy.

All you have to do is throw it into the washing machine together with your other stuff, just make sure to get it out before drying. Machine drying can shrink your straps, so it is best to take it out after washing and air dry it. You can also soak the strap in soapy water for several days to easily take out stains and dirt. You can gently brush it or wash it by hand and air dry afterward.

How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat Sling

Choosing the best yoga sling is not that complicated you just need an expert’s advice to guide you through so you can pick the one that is most suitable to you. There are slings made from elastic materials that some people like because it’s very easy to slip through the mat.

However, elastic straps can stretch over time and this is not economical. After several uses, you may have to buy a new one as a replacement. The best yoga sling would have to be those made of 100% dense cotton. These slings are sturdy and durable. There are also slings that are made of Velcro or buckles, although they are very reliable, it can be quite inconvenient especially if you are running late for your yoga class.

Top 5 Best Yoga Slings to Add to Your Yoga Accessories




Clever Yoga

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Manduka Journey ON

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Gurus Four Options

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Basically Perfect

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1. Clever Yoga

Editor’s Rating

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This is the best yoga accessory for your yoga mat. It is lightweight and can be easily worn over your shoulder to conveniently carry your mat. It is made from thick and durable cotton that you can easily slip through your mat and tighten to secure. The loop will not easily come loose so you won’t have to worry about your mat unfolding.

This durable yoga sling also doubles as a yoga strap that you can use for your yoga practice. This sling is 100% non-toxic so it is safe to use. This sling is machine washable so it’s easy to clean. Made from thick cotton material for durability but will soften with continued use. It is available in two sizes; 66” or 85” in length.


  • It is lighter than a bag or carrier and it is very versatile.

  • The loop can easily fit any mat size.

  • It is stitched especially so that you can easily loop the straps and secure the mat in place.

  • It has a lifetime warranty. 


  • The straps are too stiff for some people’s preference. This could be improved.

2. Reehut

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This durable yoga carrying strap is very lightweight. It keeps your mat from unrolling while in transit. It is very affordable so it’s easy on the budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on mat carriers or bags. This strap is adjustable and easily slips on your mat and you just have to tighten to secure it in place. This item is also used by other yogis as a yoga strap to aid with difficult yoga poses. This item is compatible with any mat sizes.


  • It is reasonably priced and works very well.

  • They have a very good and efficient customer service.

  • It works well for any mat.

  • Very easy to use no Velcro strap or D-rings that makes strapping and unstrapping complicated. 


  • There some issues with the discrepancy in colors as compared with what was shown online.

3. Manduka Journey ON

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This is a very efficient and reliable yoga mat strap making use of Patented Skidless Technology. It has 100% silicone so it won’t slip; it holds towels and mats in place. It is made from recycled bottles, so it is very environmentally friendly, it only consumed 66% of energy to produce. This strap is very hygienic and absorbent. Because it is made from recycled bottles it is very sustainable.

And it is also noteworthy to add that even though it is made from recycled plastic, the strap is soft and non-irritating. The shoulder strap is also padded for ultimate comfort. The design is also very intricate with color contrasting twill that makes the design look distinct.


  • It is very effective and convenient.

  • It is fairly priced but very effective.

  • It is very easy to use and the padded strap is very comfortable.

  • It has very soft yet sturdy material. 


  • It can loosen so be sure to secure the loop tightly before you carry the sling over your shoulder or across your chest. Some mats are more slippery than others so care and precaution are advised.

4. Gurus Four Options

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This strap is very trendy looking without compromising functionality. It is made more appealing because, with the set, you have 2 options to choose from. You can choose a set of 2 straps that come in a rainbow and gray color or a set of 1 strap and a cork block. Whichever you set you to choose is very affordable and would be a very good investment.

The straps are made from sturdy yet flexible cotton twill that you can easily strap on your mat. The block is made of natural cork that dispels moisture so it won’t get slippery while you are practicing your poses. The straps can be used to help you explore your yoga practice. It is very reliable and offers great resistance.

It has 2 metal D-rings that makes the strap adjustable to any dimension or circumference of your mat when rolled. And because yogis advocate love of nature, Gurus also gives back to mother earth. For each Gurus item sold, they will plant a tree to help sustain the natural resources of mother nature. They teamed up with Trees For The Future to pursue this advocacy.


  • The straps are very easy to use with the D-strings that makes it a breeze to adjust.

  • It is very useful in exploring new and different poses.

  • It straps securely around the mat especially if you are using a Gurus cork mat.

  • The advocacy behind the product is very appealing. It makes you feel good about lessening your impact. 


  • The length is an issue for some users because it’s not long enough to wear across the chest but perhaps just for bigger or heavily built individuals.

  • The straps are not effective to use as a sling when in transit as it often comes loose

5. Basically Perfect

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This sleek looking yoga mat sling is made of organic cotton and hemp. It is made thicker and more durable than the regular cotton straps. It is very soft so it’s non-irritating. You can easily wash it and it won’t fade. This strap is non-toxic because Hemp is known to naturally fight bacteria so it stays fresh. It also fights odors, so you don’t have to worry about it stinking.

The strap is easily adjustable so you can use it to roll your mat or carry them around when in transit. You can also use it for Pilates and yoga practice to help you achieve those challenging poses. It is gravity cinch so no more time-consuming strap and unstraps Velcros or noisy D-rings. You simply put the loop over the rolled map and you’re good to go.


  • It is made of good quality material that can last a long time.

  • It is very easy to use and it’s soft so it doesn’t cause any rash on your shoulder.

  • The strap is very neat looking and because it is made from Hemp, it stays fresh smelling for a long time.


  • The straps are too soft for strapping large mats in place. 

  • It can loosen easily so if you use it to keep your mat rolled while your store it, make sure it is secured tightly.


The top 5 in our best yoga sling list are our favorite among the yoga slings we’ve tested and reviewed. They all offer functionality and very reliable. If we are to choose the best among these 5, our top pick would be Gurus Four Options Accessories Bundle. First of all, the users are raving about the amazing rainbow color and we can’t help but agree. Above all, we think that the advocacy behind this product and what the company stands for is pretty remarkable.

The idea that you are supporting a noble cause is very rewarding. You are able to indirectly give back to mother nature and lessen your imprint by helping plant a tree with the item that you buy. But then again, all these amazing advocacies aside; the product is itself is very useful and reliable. It keeps your mat in place while in transit or stored when not in use. Plus is it is also made from natural materials like the cork used for the block that goes with the set. And because it is a set, it is very economical!