Grilled Chicken and Corn Lettuce Wraps

How to Make Grilled Chicken and Corn Lettuce Wraps in Easy Steps

Sometimes when we miss our favorite season, we crave for food that reminds us of the time when we eat healthy but light food. Do you know that there are some summer foods that can be easily made, any time of the year? Grilled Chicken and Corn Lettuce Wraps are one of them. It is packed with protein, iron and B vitamins for a healthy body. And best of all, it can be made in three steps that won’t require you chef level cooking skills. We have put together the steps in making this recipe, to help you prepare for when the craving comes!

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How to Make Grilled Chicken and Corn Lettuce Wraps in Easy Steps
Some of us are really particular about the food we eat that we have to know what minerals or vitamins they contain. Now that you know the health benefits of its ingredient in this recipe, let us proceed to gather what we need.
Grilled Chicken and Corn Lettuce Wraps 4
Prep Time 37 minutes
For preparing the Chicken:
For the Lettuce Wraps:
Prep Time 37 minutes
For preparing the Chicken:
For the Lettuce Wraps:
Grilled Chicken and Corn Lettuce Wraps 4
  1. Prepare the chicken. Put the chicken in a bowl enough to accommodate it and the other ingredients. Add jalapeno, garlic, lime juice, and cilantro. Coat the chicken with the mix by turning it. Cover and place inside the refrigerator. Do not forget to turn it from time to time for the mix to coat the chicken.
  2. Prepare the corn. When grilling the corn the grill should be set to medium-high. Soak the corn for 15 minutes in cold water. Drain after. Cook the corn until the husks are brown. This might take as fast as 12 minutes. Make sure that the kernels are cooked.
  3. After cooking the corn, leave it to cool. Remove the kernels from the cob and mix with oil, salt, and paper.
  4. Take the chicken out of the marinade. Season the chicken with salt and pepper. And then grill the chicken. When grilling turns the chicken once. Make sure that it is cooked, and normally it takes about 3 minutes depending on which side.
  5. Prepare you lime yogurt by stirring yogurt and lime juice together in one bowl. After stirring, you can season the mix with pepper.
  6. Prepare the wraps. Distribute the chicken, corn and other ingredients among the lettuce leaves.
Recipe Notes

Health Benefits of Chicken

Grilled Chicken and Corn Lettuce Wraps 1

But before we give you the recipe, let us talk about its health benefits. Chicken has the following effects on the body:

  1. Chicken is a lean meat, it means that it contains less fat and more protein, because of this chicken can help us build our muscle.
  2. Chicken contains zinc that contributes to a healthy appetite. Notice that when you eat chicken, it usually changes the taste in your mouth.
  3. Healthy cholesterol due to niacin that chicken contains can also result in a healthy heart. The trick is not to add more oil to the chicken when cooking.
  4. Chicken contains a mineral called Selenium which was found to reduce the risk of arthritis.
  5. For women, chicken can help you manage menstrual stress because it is rich in magnesium.

Heath Benefits of Lettuce

Grilled Chicken and Corn Lettuce Wraps 2

Since this recipe does not just include chicken as it’s the main ingredient it is also worth noting that lettuce has its own merits when it comes nutrition to the body. Here are the important health benefits of lettuce to the body:

  1. Lettuce has anti-inflammatory property. It helps relieve pain due to inflammation.
  2. Helps maintain healthy neurons. Thus, this improves brain functioning.
  3. Lowers the cholesterol levels in order to prevent harmful cardiovascular conditions. This is perfect for those with elevated cholesterol.
  4. A study was conducted and resulted in the discovery of an extract that can be found in lettuce. The substance acts by blocking signal processes or muscular and neural tissues. Basically, lettuce can help us fall asleep better.
  5. Lettuce also contains antioxidants that help reduce free radical damages. This benefit leads to youthful look and helps prevent cancer.
  6. Manages anxiety because of its anxiolytic property. This makes lettuce the perfect comfort food during your saddest moments.


Health Benefits of Corn

Grilled Chicken and Corn Lettuce Wraps 3

Another ingredient of this recipe is corn which is a very popular and widely used grain. Find out more about the benefits of corn to our health:

  1. Corn is a good source of carbs. The main type of carb found in corn is starch. Don’t worry if you are on a diet because carbs from corn are good kind of carbs.
  2. Corn contains a good amount fiber. They say that a medium bag of popcorn or 112 grams can contain 16 grams of fiber. this helps improve digestion and bowel movement.
  3. Corn contains a protein called zeins. The amount of protein that corn has can depend on its variety, however, generally, it can range from 10% - 15%.


Final Thoughts

Chicken is the all time favorite of everyone. Grilling will also help bring out its flavor while using less oil. It is important to consider the foods we eat. Opting for healthy options like this one will surely keep us strong and replenished. This is also a great meal to serve for your friends and loved ones.

They will surely appreciate its taste and the health benefits it contains. So if you are still thinking about what to prepare for the next family get together, worry no more as you can simply do this healthy recipe. You can also reinvent it and add more ingredients to make it your own.

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