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How to Stay Fit like Magdalena Roze and Partner Darren Robertson


Staying fit is key to leading a healthy lifestyle. If you’re inspired by the award-winning meteorologist Magdalena Roze and her partner chef Darren Robertson, then this will take a long way in matching up-to your ideal body.

You want to be that vegan that actually craves vegetables and obsesses about every dessert and calorie? If we take a closer look at Darren and her partner, it’s evident that their success at staying fit is not solely due to luck or good genes.

They’ve simply built up a multitude of habits that allow them to stay fit with little effort. Habits rule us all. In most cases, this is the difference between a couch potato and a fit person.

Here are the ten tips that will help you stay fit:

1. Healthy eating should be part of your lifestyle

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It’s not important to constantly try every new craze diet. If you ask Magdalene Roze, fit people don’t necessarily diet-they actually make healthy eating a habit. I do recommend the adoption of an 80/20 nutrition plan. However, pay close attention to your body. Ensure that what you eat keeps you energized and leaves you feeling fit. 

2. Seize Every Opportunity to be Active

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You can leap the benefits of being active without even having an exercise program. How? Well, you do this by being a little active every day.
Don’t limit exercise solely to the gym. Incorporate exercise into your own life. Here are some tips to keep you going:

a. Walk whenever you have the opportunity
b. Move when you can
c. Always take the stairs 

3. You don’t have to Eat Perfectly 100% of the Time

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Cheating a little is allowed just to keep your sanity. All you need is to set aside a cheat day or diet that will help you resist the temptation to binge on the things your restraint yourself from.

You can enjoy some chocolate or cookie without making it a habit. This requires a great deal of self-control and mastery but if you work at it you can do it.

4. Socialize and hang out with fit people

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The saying that you’re the average of the five people that you hang out with is very true.

You don’t want to hang out with people who have adopted a sedentary lifestyle or who constantly eat fast foods. It’s obvious that this habits will become yours over time.

Such people will compel you to eat junk and go to the movies and that’s not going to make you fit.

But if your friends hit the gym, eat healthy foods or engage in productive activities such as biking then you’re on the right track. You’ll probably engage in similar activities and stay fit without much effort. Choose your company wisely.

If you have friends who have adopted unhealthy lifestyles, make small adjustments in your daily routine. This can be done by minimizing the time you spend with such people. 

5. Get adequate sleep

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Staying fit is not limited to exercise and how often you work out. To stay healthy you need to get adequate sleep. This will give you enough energy to engage in regular exercise.

Sleep also regulates your metabolism, improves your athletic performance, heals and repairs your blood vessels and heart.

There are vital roles that sleep plays in a person’s well-being throughout life. Quality sleep protects your physical and mental health.

Sleep deficiency is attributed to a lot of damage that is very harmful over time. This can greatly prevent you from being fit. It also affects how you work, learn, and think. If your goal is to be fit, get at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep every night. This not only makes you fitter but also healthier.

6. Prioritize your Health

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A great majority of persons let family, work, and other concerns to hold them back from exercising. However, that’s not the way to get fit. If you’re going to be fit, make sure that exercise is a priority.

This calls for minor adjustments like waking up early. But the benefits of being fit outweighs such temporary inconveniences. Once the habit has been created, you’ll find it second nature to exercise. 

7. Embrace and enjoy your daily workouts

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If you’re going to get fit and sustain it over the long-term, you have to enjoy working out. Instead of dreading every minute of the workout, it’s time to embrace the suck and enjoy the process.

A change in your outlook will help you achieve results much faster and with little strain. If you look at Magdalene Roze and her partner they actually find a way of enjoying their workouts.

It does not imply that you’ll feel very excited about this at the start but you gradually build momentum and change your outlook on the same. This set’s you up for success.

If you dread working out, it’s time to evaluate your workout. Get something that you enjoy and like this maybe CrossFit, sports, or even high-intensity interval training. Look forward to your next workout and you’ll reap the benefits of being fit.

8. Get rid of your bad habits

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We all have bad habits that hold us back from achieving our goals. In your endeavors to stay fit you’ll find it very important to get rid of habits that are detrimental to your health.

The habits in this category include abusing drugs, unhealthy addictions, smoking, unprotected sex. This habits cannot be done in a healthy way and hence it’s only right if you get rid of them.

It requires a lot of effort and will to quit some of this but let’s face it, the more you retain them the stronger they become. Therefore, the right time to get rid of them is now.

There are other habits that need to be done in a moderate fashion. However, if they’re taken to the extreme, they become a problem. They include caffeine, alcohol, junks, and sugar.

To lead a healthy lifestyle, make sure that you exercise your will. This will empower you to get rid of bad habits by replacing them with healthy ones.

9. Reduce Stress

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There is a myriad of problems that are caused by stress. This range from digestive issues to heart problems. The challenge is always on how we cope or handle stressful situations.

To stay fit, you ought to manage stress by engaging yourself in productive activities such as meditation, spirituality, enjoying hobbies, and exercise.

It’s also advisable to take breaks and surround yourself with supportive people.

10. Find ways of expressing yourself

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We all know about the adverse effects of bottling down our emotions. There’s a whole list of effects that result from unexpressed feelings. This includes sleep problems, depression, and eating problems.

Get in the habit of expressing your feelings in some sort of meaningful way. You can write down your thoughts and feelings and this will greatly reduce the pain. Most importantly, you need to avoid extremes in all aspects of your life. Balancing and exercising moderation will get you fit in a very short period of time.

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