The 5 Best Yoga Blanket for Your Yoga Practice in 2019


Yoga is an art form that facilitates fitness and peace of mind. But doing it on the flat ground can ask you to put extra effort. Also slipping into different Asanas quickly can come as a challenge. If you are a yoga instructor, you probably are familiar with the pitfalls of doing yoga on the ground such as a lack of range of motion.

In order to mitigate this issue and allow more flexibility, yoga blankets are used. With companies claiming their blankets to be of high quality, finding the best yoga blanket is not easy. Therefore, to help our readers save time and effort, we have gathered five best blankets that are functional and true value for money.

Yoga blankets are often seen as props and provide the necessary support while practicing certain asanas. Unlike other forms of sports, yoga does not require many props. However, if you are a beginner in yoga, you should definitely take the support of a blanket. Here is why you need to do so. 

Purpose of Using A Yoga Blanket

Better reinforcement: Sometimes every bit of support helps. This is surely true in the case of yoga blankets. Having one beside you can help save while doing difficult stretches. Getting into hard asana is one thing but switching onto the next one immediately can make you lose your balance. When you perform complex asana, balance is crucial. Therefore, having a blanket beneath your feet is advisable. This functions by giving you better control and enhance the stability of the pose. Every bit of reinforcement you receive is very helpful while doing yoga.

Strong Seating: Prevent your back from rounding by taking every bit of support from the yoga blanket. When you sit straight for an asana, your spine will ask for all the support it can get. Using a wall as a reference to straighten the spine is rather unconventional. However, a yoga blanket, on the other hand, will give your spine enough room to relax and feel comfortable. By doing so, your postures will look firmer and you will not regret your choice to use the blanket as a strong seating.

Alleviate joint stress: If you are a newbie or new to the stretching world, you are in for a painful surprise. Prepare yourself feel an ounce of pain because of all the stretching involved in doing asana. While performing postures that require bending of the knee and joints, you will feel some discomfort and pain. By rolling a yoga blanket and keeping it under the bent knee, you can provide your knee with some much-required cushioning. Never shy to use the blanket to your advantage. You can then slowly relax into the crescent warrior pose without having to worry much about the discomfort that you previously experienced.

Cushion from grit: We all love to do yoga outdoors. But having your buttocks pinched by gravel and pebbles can be a nuisance. You cannot settle into any comfortable pose with grit behind your knees and joints. To mitigate this issue, you can quickly spread a yoga blanket. The blanket will act as an effective barrier between the gravel and your body. You can now segue into a comfortable pose without having to worry much about the pebbles.

Feel Relaxed: After an hour-long yoga session, slipping into a relaxed Corpse position or Savasana pose can take away all the pain. By using a yoga blanket as support, you can relax into a much deeper sensation. Your back and spine will receive enough support to sustain a composed pose while performing the pose.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of using a yoga blanket, you should also know how to make an informed purchase. Here is how to choose the right yoga blanket for you. 

How To Choose The Right Yoga Blanket

Thickness: Choosing the right thickness is crucial while selecting a yoga blanket. When you get into postures like ‘The Bow’ pose, chances are you could hurt yourself in the knee joints. If you choose a mat that is 1/8th the thickness, it could be too thin. Having the right thickness can give you enough cushioning and make you feel comfortable. Always go for a blanket that is 1/4th the thickness or higher.

The catch with a thicker blanket is that it will give you a hard time to maintain balance while doing a standing pose. If you have sensitive joints, choosing a thicker blanket is a good option. Otherwise, thinner blankets can substitute them.

While choosing blankets, you must take into consideration the function each blanket is going to serve once you put it into use. Depending on your requirements, you need to make an informed purchase.

Texture: Texture is also an important factor that you need to take into account while making your purchase. Smooth blankets can increase your comfort level. The downside is that most of them are slippery. When you buy a smooth blanket, make sure to get the ones that have a sticky surface. These kinds of blankets will prevent you from sliding by providing better traction.

A smother mat with no sticky surface could pave the wave for a potential injury. Always avoid buying PVC mats or blankets and go for rubber blankets. A cotton or jute blanket will also make a great alternative against slippery blankets. Blankets that have a bit of texture naturally provide grip and help you gain balance.

Weight: If you practice yoga in a studio, you will need a blanket that is less heavy. If you got into Hatha Yoga or other powerful meditation practice, consider getting a thicker blanket because it will help you balance complex postures.

If you are practicing yoga at home, you do not have to worry about carrying heavy blankets. But if you wish to move outdoors or to a park for a better ambiance, lighter blankets will make your job less stressful. After all, yoga is all about releasing your stress.

Length: Some yoga postures require you to stretch your legs and relax before you transition to the next pose. However, if your yoga blanket is too short, you will notice a temperature difference between the ground and the mat. This can affect your concentration while trying to relax in the Corpse Pose. Try a blanket that has sufficient length to connect your entire body. This way, you do not have to worry about your cold feet and solely focus on relaxing your body and the mind.

Now that you are made aware of the important pointers that you need to look for while making your purchase, let us look at our top 5 collections of the best yoga blankets.

Top 5 Collections Of The Best Yoga Blankets

1. Kakaos Deluxe

best yoga blanket in 2019 1

Editor's Rating

This blanket is an ideal mattress for all your yoga and stretching requirements. The fabric is tassel free and does not and is fully functional. The fabric provides the necessary grip and balances that you would desire while doing your morning yoga practice. These blankets are very soft and durable.

The weave on these blankets is slightly tighter and heavier than their Mexican counterparts. You can find these blankets in a wide range of solid color that strike a chord of peace and serenity. Yoga is all about balance and control. With this blanket, you can achieve a perfect sense of calmness and also maintain good posture control. 


  • All cotton fabric
  • Tassel free fabric 
  • Durable and long lasting 
  • Functional blanket 
  • Easy to carry around 
  • Easy to wash 
  • Soft texture
  • Comfortable
  • Interesting color choice 
  • Light weight 
  • Breathability is high 
  • Easy to remove 
  • High quality Spandex material


  • May wear out after prolonged handling 
  • Excessive wash may damage the fabric
  • Cannot dispose of body sweat 
  • Does not have a sticky surface which is crucial for certain asanas 
  • Less traction ability 

2. Open Road Goods

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Editor's Rating

This particular blanket is a largely sized blanket with Acrylic-cotton-polyester blend. You do not have to worry about cleaning this blanket by your hands because this blanket is completely Machine washable. If you are looking for a blanket with tassels, this is the one for you. The color choices available for this particular size are Dark Grey and Black.

The tassels will make the blanket appear more stylish and you will definitely stand out in the studio. These handwoven blankets will make a great gift for that perfect yogi or a good friend who wants to join yoga classes. Apart from that, the blanket can also be used as a bedspread, a decorative throw or for the beach.


  • Handwoven fabric
  • Machine washable 
  • Durable 
  • Fully functional fabric 
  • Has multiple household applications 
  • Largely sized blankets 


  • They do not have a sticky surface
  • Not much traction 
  • May not serve while performing complex asanas 

3. Hot Yoga Mat Towel With Matching Hand Towel

best yoga blanket in 2019 3

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This particular blanket from Clever Yoga is a non-slip yoga mat and towel that provides a non-slip surface. This towel is ideal for power yoga, hat yoga, and other powerful yoga practices. Now you can stop working about losing our grip and focus solely on the yoga practice. Gone are those days of embarrassing sweat puddles. The moisture-wicking microfiber on this material soaks up sweat like a sponge and dries within minutes.

Unlike cotton or polyester, this blanket does not bulge up. Now you can easily stretch your arms and legs without having to correct your blanket over and over again. The hygienic material connects you from head to toe so real estate is never an issue. The microfiber cloth makes washing this blanket much easier.

Simply throw the blanket inside a machine washer and see the magic for yourself. This durable fabric retains its color and grip even after multiple machine wash. The hot yoga mat towel is an ideal addition to any yoga bag or a perfect gift for a friend or yogi.


  • Machine Washable 
  • Hygienic fabric
  • Does not bulge 
  • Nonslip yoga mat
  • Extra traction
  • Provides a non-slip surface 
  • Retains color and grip even after multiple washes


  • Not stylish and does not come with a tassel
  • The material is slightly rough
  • Can lose its straight edges after prolonged usage 
  • It can be super slippery sometimes 
  • Not for multiple household applications 

4. Yoga Mate Perfect Yoga Towel

best yoga blanket in 2019 4

Editor's Rating

Hot yoga and Bikram yoga can leave you drenched in a puddle of sweat. In situations like these, relying on your cotton towel is not a wise man’s choice. Try the Yoga Mate Perfect Yoga towel from Yoga Mate. The soft and absorbent material is a perfect choice for all sweaty yoga sessions.

The material is a perfect fit for all stretching exercises and is premium quality. The material is made up of high quality. Unlike other materials, it is odorless and non-slip material. The material does not lose its properties and is very durable. The microfiber towel facilitates easy machine wash but needs to be separately washed and dried. 


  • Odorless and non-slip material 
  • Premium quality 
  • Easy Machine wash 
  • Durable 
  • Good property retention 
  • Soft absorbent material 


  • Not good at being nonslip
  • Ineffective sweat absorption 
  • Require constant readjustment 

5. Shandali Gosweat

best yoga blanket in 2019 5

Editor's Rating

This yoga blanket is the ideal non-slip blanket. Turn any location into a Yoga studio with this hot yoga towel. This blanket delivers a slippery, sweat-free foundation that is ideal for every yoga posture. Do your yoga with confidence with the help of Shandali yoga towel. The yoga towel helps perfect your postures by creating a solid and stable foundation.


  • Non-slip blanket
  • Sweat-free blanket 
  • Premium quality 


  • Sometimes too slippery
  • Not durable 


Yoga blanket is an important tool in the arsenal of every Yogi. Yogi blanket can help you maintain a correct posture and also deliver the necessary balance you would require while performing asanas. Not all yoga blankets may serve you the way you want it to. Finding the right one is very crucial.

The above-mentioned products have functional properties and serve true value for your money. Before you make any purchase, make sure you have clarity about the purpose you wish to use the blanket for. Always make an informed choice while buying products online.

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