Top 5 Best Posture Bra that Every Woman Should Get


The posture bra is created to aid women to fix or modify their stance. It supports the upper back in a right posture. Posture bras are not similar to the regular bras by the design that is specifically centered on the stability and right fit rather than the outward form.

Reasons for Having a Bad Posture

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Posture bra is very essential for women with bigger breasts because they carry more weight in their upper body that gravitates to draw them forward that can cause bad posture. Women with small-chested breast can be affected with back pain due to poor posture. This is the main reason why posture bras are created so that there is full support for the breast while improving the posture of the upper body.

Having bad postural styles, daily stress, and physical pains are some of the causes of poor postures also. Some of the cases of physical pains can be sports or workplace injuries, and physical surgery. There short-term stressors that can trouble the position of your back, hips, and shoulders like standing for a long time or slumping on your office desk.

These temporary changes in the physical body can develop lasting damage to the strength and elasticity of the muscles and ligament if left uncontrolled.

The Benefits of Wearing a Posture Bra

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1. Decrease Neck and Shoulder Pain

Choosing and wearing the correct cup size of posture bra can reduce the pain in the neck and shoulder. There are some parts like having big breasts can cause continual shoulder, back, and neck pain, and very weak upper back muscles.

Wearing a perfectly fitted posture bra provides the correct support and it also helps decrease pressure which declines the strain of your muscle. Make sure that you purchase the perfectly fitted bra that suits your figure.

2. Perfect for Women Working in Physically Challenging Place

If you are one of those women who sit for lasting hours might find themselves slouching as the day passes. Wearing ordinary bras do not give perfect back and front support. You may get additional comfort from wearing a posture bra when working with jobs that require standing or sitting for long hours because it provides solid support and improves muscles strength.

3. Great for Big-Breast Women for that well-shaped cups and broader backs

There are a lot of advantages of wearing a posture bra, especially for big-breasts women. Ordinary bras will not be able to give you full-support like what posture bras can give. It gives perfect support and coverage while making your breasts look naturally beautiful.

The broader cut of the posture bra cup put a stop to spill out the sides that give breasts unpleasant look. The cut reduces breasts size to appear 1 or 2 inches smaller, so you can wear any kinds of blouses without worrying about the buttons popping.

4. Best for Women Who Have Problems Standing Straight or Slouch

Women with large breasts may find it hard to stand straight because of the weight of their breasts. Seating poorly can cause in a slouchy posture also. Posture bras aid to give out the weight squarely over shoulders and breasts.

How to Choose the Correct Posture Bra?

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1. Make sure that the Posture Bra has Separated Cups

Your breasts won’t get any proper support if not every breast is carefully supported and strongly carried in separate cups. Some posture bras can press your breasts into abnormal positions and will not give any improvements to your posture. Make sure to purchase a posture bra with separated cups that will perfectly help your breasts shape into a natural stance on the chest with comfort.

2. Choose the Correct Fabric

Choose a posture bra that has breathable fabric and has the material that absorbs all sweats and moisture. Some of these materials are polyester, cotton, and spandex that provides great comfort and durability advantages.

3. Check Your Breast Size Yearly

Women’s breasts changes during a specific period of time like for example during pregnancy, gaining weight, or when your monthly period arrives. It is necessary that you check the size of your bust yearly because it is a natural event for your breasts to decrease or increase.

4. Back Designs

Mostly, posture bras have a broader cross back style to give you wider support across the back to reduce tightness. A broader back style with a cut racer back gives comfort to the lower and upper back.

If you have large breasts then you better choose posture bra with front hook closures because it aids better support. It is also a great choice for a better distribution of weight. On the other side, a posture bra with back hooks means that the back carries every weight of your breasts and can draw the back up!

5. Straps should be Adjustable

The straps of your posture bra should be solid and your finger should be able to run under the straps. Having wider adjustable straps to your posture bra could give you a more comfortable feeling when wearing it.

You should also purchase a posture bra with the right fit of chest band. The chest band should remain in place whenever you raise your arm and it should not constraint you when you breathe.

When is the Best Time to Wear Posture Bra?

● Doing any kinds of activities that include slouching like sewing, cooking, or any works that need bending.
● At work, especially if you are sitting or standing for a long period of time.
● Throughout exercise or workouts, most importantly when you are jumping or jogging.
● If you are enduring shoulder and upper back pains.

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Why Postural Stability is Necessary?

It shows that keeping a good posture is necessary. The reason for this is that if you have no postural stability, then you are more prone to possible injuries and falls. When you have a good body posture you can keep an upright position and can focus more.

One of the reasons why posture bra is very important is its straps that help ease the tension put on your back and decrease pulling on one’s shoulders. Women who wear posture bra notice that it is much easier to keep proper alignment and posture of their spine than those who do not wear this kind of bra.

In addition, wearing a posture bra for too long can also cause harm. That is why it is advisable that you have to wear them on a daily basis only and remove them at night. Wearing it for 24 hours or longer can weaken the muscles as you are not working them out to harden themselves on their own.

The Best 5 Posture Bra in the Market

1. Playtex Women’s 18-Hour

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This posture support bra is created by Playtex to power support the back and helps enhance the posture. It also has wire-free support to even out your sides and back. The cup’s magic rings technology is its trademark that gives lift and side assistance for an over-all smooth looking outline.


  • It has an adjustable closure
  • Front close for easy dressing
  • Wire-Free
  • Comfortable cushion straps
  • Back strap adjustment
  • Fits and lifts well!


  • Sizes run small
  • Straps and bands are a bit scratchy
  • Not durable
  • Cups are not padded

2. Glamorise ComfortLift Back Support Bra

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Glamorise created this ComfortLift posture back bra to provide amazing support for the back. It has multi-adjustable hook design in the front together with straps that are so easy to adjust making it a wonderful posture bra! It supports the back while smoothens it out, so back bulger or strain will not be visible anymore.

This posture bra has a gorgeous lace in the cups that makes it looks nice. It also has extra broad straps that are easy to adjust. It also supports and shapes your bust with its ComfortLift wire-free design. The ComfortLift promotes cotton lined shaper for that comfortable and secure support.


  • Hook and Eye Closure
  • ComfortLift design attributes a cotton lined shaper
  • Crisscross bands at the back for full back support
  • Adjustable elastic straps in the front
  • Front hook design is multi-adjustable


  • Itchy fabric
  • Hard to hook and unhook
  • Expensive

3. Leonisa Women’s

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This gorgeous posture corrector bra is powered to give your back a full-support! It has a double-layered crisscross PowerSlim fabric that retains the straightness of your back while allowing you to freely move. This is also perfect as post-surgery bra because it supports and presses your chest and adjusts to your body.

If you are looking for a kind of posture bra that is comfortable to wear for your daily physical activities, then this is a good option. It also has a cup control with crisscross boosting bands produced of PowerSlim for correcting posture and support of the back.


  • Crisscross boosting bands
  • Wireless
  • Soft-lined bra cups
  • Broad straps for that full-support
  • Good latches
  • True to size


  • Cups are not padded
  • Does not provide major cleavage
  • There are many hooks
  • Not for women with larger breasts

4. Cortland Intimates

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This wire-free posture bra of Cortland is a longline bra that supports your back and slims your body shape from chest to waist. It also has crisscross panels to help straighten your upper back, decrease strain on your shoulders, and stimulate better posture. It is made of mesh fabric that provides comfort and breathability.


  • Easy front hook closure
  • Longline bra for supporting the back and slimming the body
  • Crisscross panels in the back for strengthening upper back and decreasing shoulder strain
  • Wide bottom helps bra stay in place
  • Breathable
  • Good Coverage


  • Straps are not adjustable
  • Pointy cups
  • Wears out quickly
  • The bottom part curls up especially when you are sitting
  • Does not have the perfect size for taller women

5. Exquisite Form

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Exquisite Form designed this posture bra for women who need a fuller bra than a bigger bra. It is reinforced with crisscross stretch fabric that effectively aids in strengthening the shoulders and gives back support to enhance a noticeable good posture. It also has a broad stretch sides and camisole straps that provides great comfort. The double support under cups also offers maximum support.


  • Comfortable front closure
  • Perfect for women with larger breasts
  • Crisscross panels
  • Affordable
  • Good Support


  • Cups are not padded
  • Straps are not adjustable
  • Irritable fabric
  • Wears out quickly
  • Weak Seams


It is an important thing that we understand how having a good posture can make a huge difference in our body. Not only that it gives you a great look but it has a huge effect on our health too. Posture bras are not the same as the regular bras that women usually wear. The straps of the posture bra help alleviate the tension placed on the back and less tugging on one’s shoulders.

Wearing a posture bra will not cause harm to your body as long as you do not wear it for too long. When it is used correctly it actually develops a correct posture which is important for having stronger core muscles and back! It is a great remedy to women who already have a bad posture because it aids in re-aligning the back, spine, shoulders, and neck in a completely automated method.

Remember that having a poor back posture can become detrimental to your way of life and can also cause health problems. Posture bras are here to help women who are suffering from back pain and wanted to maintain a good posture.

The above-listed products of different kinds of posture bras could be of great use to straighten and strengthen your whole upper body. There are so many choices to choose from, so there is no problem looking for that perfect posture bra that suits your specific needs. Make sure that you know your size measurements and fabrics that will not irritate your skin for that comfortable wearing.

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