2019’s Best Back Support for Work


Back pain can be a hassle especially if we are physically on the go individuals. The occurrence of back pains can make a simple task, such as lifting a box from the floor, into a hard one.

Back pains can also affect the quality of work. In fact, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health stated that around 20 percent of work-related injuries are due to back injuries. That is why wearable back support equipment is made for this purpose.

Before anything else, we have to understand what a back support is. Understand its advantages, when you should wear one, and some of the best back support for work you can try. This will make it easy to choose one in the market.

What is a Back Support?

An ideal back brace should provide support on your lower back and lessen, if not completely remove the occurrence of back pain. By using back support, it provides relief. This helps in the healing from the strains of back pain. It limits the spine motion which aids in relieving back pain.

These braces are used in some medical conditions such as a support after a major operation, acute strain, chronic instability, spinal stenosis, Degenerative Disc disease, or herniated discs. Back support braces should fit comfortably and provide relief as it is intended to do.

There are two major types of back support braces. One is the rigid and the other is elastic ones. The former is designed to treat medical conditions such as scoliosis. It restricts movement by up to 50 percent. It provides long-term benefits.

The softer types of back braces compress the abdominal cavity. It supports the muscles and joints surrounding it. It helps stabilize the muscles. It is often used during physical activities that can potentially cause injuries. One example is the one used by weightlifters to avoid straining their backs when they lift weights. 

What to Look for in a Back Support Brace

A good product should provide support and protection from stressful situations which can cause strains and injuries. Having a back injury can impair your daily activities. Working with a back pain can be draining. It is also hard to focus with the lingering pain.

It can affect the quality of your life. It can even affect your attendance at work. In turn this can affect your take home pay. Having a back injury can cause a domino effect.

It is important to seek the help of an expert to prescribe the best back support for work. To have an idea, back support braces are made from various materials. The material may suit your needs will mostly depend on the medical professional’s recommendation. 

Choosing a Good Back Support

Having the best back support for work is a great idea. Choosing the best one for your personal use may not be as easy as you think. In fact, a back support brace depends on your personal need. I also depend on your body type because not all of them are made the same. There are different types of back support braces that are made for specific needs.

For one, some are made to correct and relieve any back pain and other back-related problems. On the other hand, some back braces are made to be worn only during physical activities to help prevent potential injuries. With that said, it is important to determine which specific type of back support brace you will need.

More so, it is important to choose the best back brace support material that ensures durability, quality, and ease of maintenance. Other back brace supports have additional features such as inserts, padding, and adjusting components. 

Are Back Support Braces Really Effective?

The short answer is yes. Experts say wearing back support braces should not be done for long periods of time per day. Nonetheless, these can help strengthen your back muscles and correct and relieve any sort of back pain you are experiencing.

Wearing back support braces are often recommended by doctors especially after a major surgery or whenever your back needs it. A lot of patients can attest to the benefits of wearing such equipment. Likewise, back support braces can help improve your posture and follow the instructions as per proper usage.

Prevention is always better than cure, so as they say. It will not be a bad thing if you will be proactive. Consider wearing a back support brace when needed. You should follow the doctor’s orders when advised to wear one after a surgery.

If you are still not convinced, you may want to check out this video here

Advantages of Back Support Braces

While wearing a back support brace may be the first thing in mind in terms of lower back support, there are some advantages and disadvantages to be considered. Regardless, the pros outweigh the cons most of the time.

Among most noted benefits of wearing a back support brace include: 

  • check
    Helps improve spine stabilization especially after surgery. 
  • Helps minimize pain especially during activities which heavily strain the lower back
  • Are mostly accessible in sport stores, pharmacies, and even online stores
  • A lot of back support brace brands are offered at an affordable price that won’t strain your budget
  • Makes you more comfortable during transition from standing and sitting and vice versa
  • Helps support the abdomen 
  • Corrects posture
  • Provides relief from back pain
  • Promotes healing and may prevent future back-related problems
  • Can be used as a non-invasive treatment for surgery

There can be consequences when you wear a back support brace for too long. For example, wearing it for longer periods of time than what is recommended may lead to muscle atrophy which cause muscle weakness. Your back may become more prone to injuries when you rely too much on back braces.

When to Use a Back Support Brace

As mentioned, there are pros and cons when it comes to using a back support brace. While wearing one can provide several health benefits, one should still be careful in using it. It should only be used when prescribed or when really needed.

Wearing a back support brace is a must when you tend to lift heavy objects frequently, whether during workouts or at your job. Aside from wearing a back support brace, you must remember to bend your knees when you lift heavy things. Not doing so can put pressure on your back and cause potential pain and injuries.

It is recommended to wear some sort of back support when you tend to sit for long periods of time. This is to maintain the right body posture and prevent tension in your back. Back support braces should be used while recovering from an injury or a major surgery. Make sure to follow your doctor’s orders so that you can have faster recovery. 

5 Best Back Supports For Work of 2019

1. Mueller Support Back Brace

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Editor's Rating

This is specifically designed to support the lower lumbar area. It is also one of the most popular and one of the best back support for work as per feedback.

It is made with 40 percent polyester, 27 percent rubber, and 33 percent nylon, and guaranteed easy and comfortable to wear. It is available in regular size (28 to 50 inch waistline) and plus size (50 to 70 inch waistline).

This has a double layer design providing a customized and adjustable fit to the abdominal and lower back area. Its internal molded plastic material helps prevent rolling and bunching. Its removable pad provides extra cushioning and compression in the lower for added support. Lastly, it has steel springs for added stability on your back. 


  • Wide range of waist sizes
  • One of the most popular brands in back support 
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Made with breathable fabric
  • Removable pads for extra cushioning and support
  • Removable pads are machine-washable
  • Steel springs for added stability
  • Molded plastic preventing the belt from rolling
  • Does provide back support as promised
  • Affordable


  • Some complaints about suppression of their breathing as the brace covers the entire stomach area
  • Some complaints that it may not actually fit larger individuals in contrast to the product description
  • Removable pads may be deemed useless according to some users
  • Velcro may be hard to remove
  • May not be recommended to use while working out

2. FlexGuard Back Brace Posture Corrector

best back support for work 2

Editor's Rating

This covers the entire back. It gives support on your upper and lower back. If you tend to hunch while at work, this support brace may suit you (just make sure to check with your medical personnel if this does suit your needs).

This is a breathable and elastic material. This makes it easy to wear for long periods of time. It has nylon straps providing added support for the user. It can even be worn under clothing with no irritation. Simply slide your arms through the straps and adjust accordingly.

It is available in three size options – medium, large, and extra-large. It is specially designed to correct your posture and align your spine. It should help reduce the occurrence of back pain.

This can treat posture problems such as scoliosis. As mentioned earlier, it can be worn under clothing thanks to its breathable fabric material. 


  • Made with elastic material
  • Does provide correction 
  • Comfort as promised
  • Adjustable depending on your need
  • Nice stitching
  • Good customer service
  • Affordable, value-for-money


  • May tend to stretch and distort over time
  • Some complaints of quality issues
  • May not be recommended during physical activities
  • May restrict your movement
  • Users may experience chafing under their arms when used for long periods of time

3. ComfyMed Premium

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Editor's Rating

This is often recommended by medical professionals in treating back pains. It can help treat back problems including severe sprains and strains, scoliosis, Degenerative Discs, and many more.

It is made of light material which you can wear as often as you can. Whether you do simple household chores or extreme exercises such as weightlifting, this can help relieve back pains. Unlike other back support braces, this one will not restrict your movement. Then again, it depends on your actual needs.

It has a removable lumbar pad, and will not roll up or bunch during use. Its slip-proof handles which make putting the brace easy and injury-free. It is smaller than other back braces, which make movement and maintenance easier.

You can get this in regular size (26 to 37 inches on belly) and large size (38 to 50 inches on belly). It is gender-friendly, meaning it can be comfortably worn by both men and women. It has a 12-month warranty – you can send the product back when you’re not satisfied with it. 


  • Good support and compression level
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Made of breathable material
  • Can be used during workouts including weight lifting
  • Provides overall comfort and support as promised
  • Slip-proof handles 
  • You can easily put on the brace hassle-free
  • Won’t restrict your movement
  • Washable 
  • Removable lumbar pads
  • Available in regular and large sizes
  • 12-month warranty
  • check
    Comes in medium and large sizes 
  • check
    Can be machine washed on a gentle setting 


  • Can be quite expensive for some buyers
  • May be bulky when worn underneath clothing
  • Some complaints that it may not fit 50-inch bellies

4. AVESTON Back Support Belt

best back support for work 4

Editor's Rating

This is perfect for those in need of strong support for their lumbar area. It can help relieve back pains due to back-related conditions such as scoliosis or Degenerative Disc disease.

It has adjustable straps. It can adjust for added stability and comfort. Its removable and washable lumbar pads provide extra comfort as well. The side straps can be adjusted according to your back’s needs.


  • Provides comfort and support as promised
  • Does not limit movement
  • Adjustable side straps
  • Breathable mesh material
  • High-quality material that can last for years


  • Costly for some
  • Size may not fit larger people in contrast to what is promoted

5. Aspen Quikdraw PRO Lower Back Brace

best back support for work 5

Editor's Rating

This is one of the best back supports for work. It is medical-grade and used both by men and women with back problems.

It has an innovative and patented feature called “SlikTrack” tightening system. It provides an easy yet effective compression levels through its dual pull tabs. It is made of non-elastic materials which ensure added stability without restricting your movement. It provides support where needed the most.

It is made to fit size 36 to 42 inches waistline. But, is available in smaller sizes whichever fits you best. Make sure to measure your midsection for the right size. It is meant to overlap, no need to worry if you have bought a larger size. It’s better– you can overlap the handle so you can secure the belt according to your actual size.


  • Adjustable according to your size need
  • Non-elastic material will not restrict movement
  • Washable 
  • Comfortable to wear
  • You can get in different sizes
  • Light and durable 
  • Gives overall comfort as promised
  • Can be worn under clothes
  • Medically recommended


  • Quite expensive
  • May tend to roll up during use
  • Some complaints that the padding is not supporting enough
  • Some complaints of quality issues


The above featured products are some of the best back support for work. All of these brands deliver comfort as promised; the ComfyMed Premium Back Brace stands out from the rest. While it may be a bit costly than the others, its features make up for it.

It delivers results as promised. This comfortably stays underneath clothes. You can wear it during workouts or simple everyday tasks. It won’t restrict your movement, providing compression at the same time. It has removable lumbar pads, doesn’t roll up, and easy to put on thanks to its slip-proof handles. Of course, don’t forget the 12-month warranty!

Back support braces can be one of the most important inventions ever. Aside from providing back support, it can correct your spine. There are different types of back support brace in the market. You have to know what you need and seek the help of experts to maximize its benefits.

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