Top 5 Best Back Support Belts Of 2018


Sometimes, simple bending over to pick up an item can also result in backaches. This can last for many days. The solution to this problem is to invest your money at the right product which can help you alleviate your aches.

Choose one which will provide the right structural support to do regular tasks every day. In this post, we have compiled the five best back support belts of 2018. 

What Is A Back Support Belt?

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A best back support belt is worn around the waist. You can also wear it around the middle or lower back to support the muscles near the back and the abdomen. Back support belts are helpful for preventing injuries to happen while lifting heavy weights.

It provides support when performing any activities involving constant bending and twisting. It also helps people who are sitting in a wrong posture for a prolonged time etc. Back support belts are known to help men and women suffering from back injuries. This is used to make a quick recovery. 

Benefits of Using a Back Support Belt

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Improper movements or work can put a lot of strain on your back. When left untreated, this pain could go over a wider region. The solution is using a back support belt. The best support belts can help recover. It also help one find relief from aggravating pain. Wearing a back support belt can give you the following benefits.

1. Supports your posture

If you have a back pain or serious back injury, you tend to position your body in a way to create less resistance and pain. This will affect your posture and the way you move about to fulfill your daily activities. It creates a great impact on your spinal health.

Posture is a relative alignment you maintain with your back and the muscles supporting your movement. Bad posture contributes to a plethora of health risks. Wearing a back support belt can help you correct your posture on the go without affecting your daily activities. 

2. Offers restriction when necessary

Back injuries as a result of accidents will require the patient to restrict the movement of the back muscle. This is to allow quick recovery.

Back belts can help restrict certain muscles from creating unwanted tension. This lessens the pain. A back support belt designed to restrict movements can offer a great deal of help for these conditions. It supports quick spinal recovery. 

3. Control pain

As a result of restricted movements, a back support belt can help to translate the restriction as a means to control pain. Back pain can be aggravating. The wrong movements can put the spine and other structures at risk.

This is where a back brace can help you provide the additional support you lack. This will create the right system within the body to self-heal from the back issues. 

How to Choose the Right Back Support Belt?

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- Locate the source of your pain

Most back support belts are designed to target a location. For example, those suffering from mid-to-upper back pains due to poor posture should consider buying a posture corrector brace to alleviate the pain.

For pain resulting from heavy lifting, a lumbar belt would provide additional support. Even the ones who are clear about the region where the pain is emanating from should also look for good back braces while buying online.

- Do not use an incorrect brace

This is very important. An incorrect brace can often exacerbate the problem and cause unwanted complications. Finding the right brace that properly matches your specifications is extremely important.

- Consider the support level of each support belt

If you are someone suffering from a mild back pain, then a soft support lumbar belt can provide the required warmth and comfort that is necessary. Sometimes the pain may aggravate and a soft support belt may not suffice to reach the comfort level.

In that case, a firmer back brace may be selected. Firmer back support belts will require some time to getting used to but they never compromise in terms of comfort level and additional stability. 

- Comfort features that stand out

You do not want to wear a back support belt that contributes to sweating, skin irritation or reduced comfort. Make sure it is adjustable to give to a snug fit without being too flexible which could stretch over time.

Excessive sweating is another problem that produces itself while wearing a back support belt. Materials like nylon, polyester and cotton can help reduce the sweating.

- Buy a back support belt for intended use

Back support belts that conceals itself under clothing could be bought to make thins less obvious. You still need to buy the back support belt that alleviates pain but this step should never be ignored. You may want to consult a physical therapist before making any purchase.

Velcro straps are the most common fastening method for elastic back support belts but they are often prone to losing grip eventually.

5 Best Back Support Belts

To illustrate all the above mentioned qualities, we have compiled a list of the best back support belts for men and women. Let us dive straight to the list.

1. NMT Back Brace

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Editor's Rating

The NMT Back Brace-Concentrated Lumbar is a lumbar support belt that provides a great deal of support and comfort for the user. If you are suffering from pain relating to the lower back, you should consider having a look at this product.

The dual outer elastic straps provide additional support to the abdomen and the back. It stimulates the cells at the targeted area and enables quick recovery from the pain.

The customisable fit effortlessly fits the average waist size of both men and women. If you have postures issues, back pain, arthritis or a quick recovery from a painful back injury, this particular product can help you alleviate all that.

The product comes with installed magnets and healing is done with the help of “Magnetic Therapy” which is a controversial form of therapy. 


  • Customisable fit
  • Durable with additional support features
  • Breathable material 
  • Suitable for long term usage and also washable 
  • Generates the inner body warmth


  • The product may take several days to completely adjust to the host
  • Some users claim the product to be too tight
  • Magnet therapy can sometimes act as a placebo effect 

2. MARAKYM Back Belt

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Editor's Rating

This is a quality product suitable for all ages. The product is made from breathable materials. This is to ensure you face less sweating when using the product. The level of comfort is phenomenal. If you are someone looking for a back support belt to wear while lifting heavy weights at the gym, this might be a good choice for you.

This product supports the body’s ability to self-heal by using the “Kinesio taping method”. This is a unisex product geared to target men and women. Painful lower back can impede you from performing even the simplest activities. With this back support belt, you get to enjoy a comfort snug fit and forget about painful experience.


  • Premium sung fit 
  • Suitable for all age factor including active grandparents
  • Made from high quality breathable materials
  • Uses KInesio Taping method of healing
  • Concealed look and can be worn under clothes 


  • The material can be sometimes scratchy for certain skin types
  • Does not cover the region above the torso

3. BraceUP Stabilising Back Brace

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Editor's Rating

This is an affordable stabilising back support belt that provides the necessary structural support to the lower back and helps in a quick recovery. It has breathable mesh panels that allow more air flow to the skin and reduces perspiration. You do not have to worry about stretch marks while using this particular product.

This product enables a wide range of back movements without restricting any muscular movement. The support belt is very popular among gym goers. Heavy lifters also prefer this product.

Most users who always look for support belts to use while performing at the gym often complain about increased sweating and discomfort while using mediocre lumbar support belts. But this product has introduced Breathable Mesh Panel technology in its brace to solve this problem. The product is not pricey. It is a great choice for the budgeted buyer. 


  • It offers an ergonomic fit
  • Easy movements 
  • Allows for great flexibility 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Long lasting 
  • Mesh panels allow more breathability 


  • User complain about size inconsistency
  • Not suitable for all age factors 
  • Complains about reduced support 

4. Orthonyx Back Brace

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Editor's Rating

If you ride a motorcycle or play golf, the bending action you perform can cause strain on your lower back upon repeated movements. For those willing to help alleviate your lower back pain, this is a good product for you to try.

This is a high quality back support belt available in various sizes. The product uses Velcro for the elasticity and offers a snug fit. The back support belt has fine stiches along the edges for additional support.

Sports activities requiring bending and stretching may lead to the back muscles becoming strained. This in turn causes mild pain. If you are an avid sports player, look for this support belt for excellent relief of lower back pain. This is possible through strain reduction strategy. 


  • Ergonomic design 
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Relieves lower back pain
  • Suitable for motorcyclists, golf players etc.
  • Lightweight
  • Straps are adjustable to fit 


  • Size inconsistency 
  • Indiscreet brace 
  • Straps limit wear ability 

5. Ergodyne ProFlex

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Editor's Rating

This back support belt comes with a 7.5 inch body for extra firm support. The material is an all elastic fiber. It has a single strap closure. Some features of this product include non-conductive polypropylene stays, rubber track webbing. It is adjustable. It has detachable suspenders with stretchable binding with zigzag stitching.

With high quality workmanship, the product delivers the comfort required for the average user. It is easy to put on because of the elastic straps and usually fits all size categories.

Frequent strain on the back can cause pain in the mid and lower back area. In order to provide the right recovery, this particular product provides additional support. It limits the range of motion near the injured area. 


  • Good quality workmanship
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Non-conductive polypropylene stays


  • Is said to contain harmful material
  • Some users experience size inconsistency issues 
  • Wide belt size cause to interfere with the ribs 

In Conclusion

We all know how detrimental and painful a back injury can be. It limits movement and affects one’s day to day performance. Even so, people without an active back injury have issues while performing the simplest of tasks.
Whether it is bending to pick up a stick or lifting deadweight at the gym, your back muscles play an essential role to these movements. A healthy back may have no problem performing these maneuvers. But it is a must to be careful as a slight back injury is enough to put your spine at risk.

In this case, the above mentioned list of the best back support belt can actually help you target the site of pain. This is them localized to create less restriction. The features each of these products deliver is application specific. It requires the consultation of physician before using the product. 

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