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Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Chart You Need to Know in 2018

There’s a good reason why your parents tell kids to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Remember when your teacher told you about nutrients like vitamins and minerals? Well, most of these are found in

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Iyengar Yoga Meaning and 6 Benefits

If you’ve been practicing Yoga for a short time, you would notice that your perspective about yourself and the world may have changed – even for a bit. The western world has also caught up and also

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How to Make the Best Pea and Potato Curry

More often than not, you are yet to encounter someone who doesn’t love food. More so, there are a lot of cuisines offered around the world that cater to all types of foodies. These include juicy steak

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How to Make the Best Chicken and Israeli Couscous with Tomato and Lemon

For busy individuals, most of them would resort to buying cheap fast food to satisfy their hunger. More so, they would often choose fast food over fresh, home-cooked meals because they won’t have to

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