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Things You Have To Prepare Before Getting Into an Ashtanga Yoga Course


The practice of Yoga is increasingly becoming one of the most popular workouts in the world. Those who are looking for a regimen that will help them gain strength, lose weight, and flexibility, embraces these ancient sets of mental, physical, and spiritual practices.

Because of its simplicity, you can do yoga even at the privacy of your home or in a classroom. You can practice it with the help the internet or TV. This is convenient for those people who are not used to exercising with other people. Shy ones can also try it in their private spaces.

However, when you get into Yoga, you will realize that it involves many things, not only exercise. It is a philosophy and a way of life for so many Yoga enthusiasts. You may soon discover yourself bound in the spirituality and philosophy, while you taking the discipline as an exercise.

Whether you are a student, an aspiring yoga teacher, or a dedicated practitioner, getting yourself in Ashtanga Yoga course will give you a different experience of the discipline. You will gain a deeper and solid understanding of the mechanics of movement that will foster healing, health, and ease of flow in each posture.

However, going deeper to take an Ashtanga Yoga course, there are several things that you need to prepare. Here is a rundown of the seven important things that you should get ready before getting yourself into Ashtanga Yoga course.

1. Your Level of Fitness Before Taking Ashtanga Yoga Course

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Before you get yourself into any Ashtanga Yoga course, you have to make sure your personal fitness level is good and normal. This means that you have to be consistent in your asana at least three months before the proper Ashtanga Yoga course.

With a solid asana regimen, your body will be able to handle the six days a week, of three hours asana practice. In addition, when you are in the course, you will not find yourself struggling with the majority of the asanas if you are in your best shape.

Most importantly, with a consistent practice, you will get to know your body well including its conditioning. It will also help you alter several asanas according to your body’s need.

2. Your Level of Expectations About the Ashtanga Yoga Course

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It is normal to have high expectations about the Ashtanga Yoga course. Most students who are planning to enroll in the course are scared of the words like intensive, thorough, and serious.
Some think that the Ashtanga Yoga course is made up of 80 percent exhaustive asanas and 20 percent theory. However, there is much in the course than just asanas. You will also learn about the history of the discipline, as well as the anatomy of the human body.

It is best that you have an open mind. Condition yourself to expect the unexpected. Depending on the school, the course could have different sets of asanas and teaching styles. Be interested in the different kinds of challenges and knowledge that you will learn from the course. If you have a receptive mind, you will naturally gain a neutral point of view. And, successfully deal with whatever situation at hand.

3. Your Modifications for the Ashtanga Yoga Course

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A Yoga practitioner will learn how to modify several asanas. It is normal that some poses need some modifications because of injuries or weaknesses.

The extensive Ashtanga Yoga course could wear you out. This could trigger old injuries to surface and generate new injuries. It is crucial that you have a deep understanding and knowledge of your body so you could adjust well based on your needs.

It is crucial that you pay close attention in your usual Yoga practice and take note when your teacher makes several adjustments to some students. It will greatly help you have deeper knowledge on the importance of adjustments even if you do not have weakness or injuries. Modifications may also use tools such as bolsters, straps and blocks.

4. Your Medication Before You Get Into the Ashtanga Yoga Course

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There are several Ashtanga Yoga courses that are conducted in areas away from your home. It is possible that in these areas, your medicines might not be readily available. It is very important to get yourself to ready several basic medicines. This includes medicines for diarrhea, flu, headache, and inflammation.

Most of the time, the Ashtanga Yoga courses run for six days with one day off. Classes begin at approximately 7:00 to 8:00 AM and ends at around 6:00 PM. With this schedule, you will not have ample time to explore the place where the class is held. The least you would like to do is feeling ill at the last part of your class that could affect the result of your final exam.

Since you will be away from home, have yourself prepare for the worst case scenario. Prepare all the essential medicines needed. It will be very helpful if you have medicines at hand should unexpected things happen. Bring along charcoal pills and rehydration salts for diarrhea as well as medicines for a sore throat, fever, flu, and cough.

5. Your Intentions in Taking the The Ashtanga Yoga Course

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It is vital to evaluate yourself your real intention. Know the reason for deciding to get yourself in the Ashtanga Yoga course. It could be to understand the discipline better. It is also possible you just want to get a certification, or you would like to be a teacher yourself.

It is important to take note that during the Ashtanga Yoga course, you may be up against difficulties. This will trigger you to give up or doubt yourself.

It is important to know your intentions because it would be easier to remind yourself of this when facing these kinds of situation. There will be difficult times and going back to your intention will help a lot. If you do not know your real intention, now is the right time to evaluate yourself. Before starting the course, try to find ways to jog your memory why you made the decision.

6. Your Emotions Before Getting Into Ashtanga Yoga Course

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The Ashtanga Yoga course includes practice of different asanas. But, the course will also give you ample time to meditate. During meditations, it is possible that you may find yourself experiencing a swell of emotions you try to hide or disregard for a very long time.

It is important that you are emotionally prepared before getting yourself into Ashtanga Yoga course. Expect that there will be a lot of emotions in this course. You may feel mad, sad, angry, happy, contented, and love. Sometimes these emotions come like a deluge all at once.

The pressure will also bring various feelings. Being emotionally stable will help you push through and complete the program.
At times they simply sprout individually. Bear in mind, you are not alone because what you may be going through could be the same things with the other students.

7. Understanding the Ashtanga Yoga Course

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The Ashtanga Yoga course typically lasts for 200 hours. It varies on the school that offers it. It is a rigorous program specially designed to give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to teach classes founded on the Vinyasa Flow style and on the Ashtanga Primary Series.

Your journey will mostly include extending your own individuality and practice. The course is focused on improving your skills so you could impart it to others. Your own journey through the Ashtanga Yoga course will mostly be discoveries of yourself and the development of your distinct personal voice and grace as a teacher.

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