Acne Under Chin And Neck Area Only

Acne under Chin and Neck Area Only and How to Prevent


Acne under Chin and Neck Area Only is making you uncomfortable. Acne is one of the skin conditions that commonly affect both young and adults. Hormonal imbalance is the most frequent culprit of acne breakout. The problem with acne that develops in these areas is that they tend to grow bigger and deeper beneath the skin.

If you’re one of those people who have been experiencing acne breakout on the chin and neck area, you should read this post. You will learn helpful ways to get rid of them.

How to Prevent Acne Breakout

Proper hygiene and educating yourself about the right skin care practices is the key to prevent acne formation. Here are some helpful tips to resolve your acne problem and achieve a healthy skin.

Avoid dairy products

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Hormonal imbalance is one of the causes of acne. But, the food you eat can also trigger the appearance of acne on your skin. The skin is an excretory system in which the waste products go out from the body.

If you will eat dairy products that your body can’t digest it will be excreted and form into cystic acne that appears on your chin and neck area. With this, as much as possible you should avoid if not cut down your consumption of dairy products.

Don’t rest your face or chin on your hand

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Are you fond of resting your face or chin on your hand? Your hands have the most bacteria that’s why as much as possible you should refrain from touching your face. Likewise, you should also avoid resting your chin or face on your hand.

You should wash your hand as frequent as possible. It is also necessary to clean your skin before going to bed to get rid the bacteria that cause acne. There are skincare products that you can use to remove the bacteria from your skin pores

Modify your skincare routine

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If you’ve been experiencing breakout of acne on your chin and neck area only, you can consider changing your skin care routine. The best thing to do is to look and use skincare products that won’t cause acne breakout. You can use chemical exfoliation, but make sure to consult first your dermatologist.

Using exfoliation products is the ideal way to get rid of fine line and wrinkles. By exfoliating, it will make your skin clean and eventually avoid breakouts. Experts suggest using chemical exfoliant, but should not overdo it. Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator is a skin care product that can help get rid of acne on your chin and neck area. 

Keep your phone always clean

As it is recommended not to touch your face with your hands frequently, it also makes sense to keep your phone always clean. Your phone also abodes bacteria and keeping it in touch with your skin can cause acne breakout. That’s why if you’re using your cell phone make sure to wipe it with alcohol swab. Do not let the phone touch closely to your face. 

Treat only the affected areas

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It is very important to consider this tip. As much as possible, you should only treat the part of your face or body that is affected by the acne breakout. Keep in mind that the acne cleansers and other products can make your skin dry.

That’s why you should avoid applying acne cleansers or serums on areas not affected. Otherwise, it will make the skin unbalanced. Likewise, you can also use non-drying treatments for blemishes. You can try BHA Clarifying Serum

Clean your pores

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If the skin pores is clogged, you should expect that it can cause acne. That’s why it is a must to ensure that the pores are clean, otherwise it will be re-infected again.

Consult your dermatologist

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If you have done all those tips mentioned above yet still no good result, the best thing to do is to set an appointment with a dermatologist. You might need a prescription product such as topical retinoids or topical antibiotics. Never attempt to try applying topical products into your acne without a prescription from a professional.

Final Thoughts

Acne that develop under the chin and neck area are considered to be PCOS-related. Unlike ordinary acne or pimples, PCOS-related acne affects not only the surface of the skin but also under the skin. Sometimes the lesions flare prior to menstrual period.

If you are prone to this type of acne, you should consider consulting your doctor. It’s because such acne is also related to diabetes. PCOS-related acne is manifested by how your body responds to insulin. Your dermatologist may also prescribe a skincare product that can help resolve your problem.

Experts said that people experiencing acne under the chin and neck area only should consider hormonal therapy. Regardless of how you address the acne breakout, the key is to always practice cleanliness to your body and proper hygiene. You should also eat healthy foods to keep your immune system at par and eventually prevent acne breakout. 

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